A.P. Markfed (Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd) was established in the year 1957 with Head-Quarters at Hyderabad. It is a federation of Marketing Co-operative Societies in A.P. With the main object of helping the farmers to secure better price for their produce by taking care of their market needs and providing agricultural inputs. Against this objective the Markfed's present activity consists of sale of farm inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides & seeds, maintenance of godowns & procurement of Agricultural commodities through its member societies.


        The Management of Markfed is vested with an elected Board. The present Board consists of 7  Directors and 5 Government nominees i.e. one representative from APCOB, Managing Director of AP Markfed, Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Commissioner for Agriculture and Commissioner for Marketing. The details of present Board is as follows.


Sarva Sri




Kanchi Rama Rao,
President, DCMS, Krishna
Director, NCDC
Director, IFFCO




P.P. Nagi Reddy, 
President, DCMS, Kurnool
Vice Chairman
K.V.Suryanarayana Raju
Director, NAFED,
President, PACS, Kella,
Vizianagaram Dist.
Res: Nellimarla,
Vizianagaram Dist.
Kovvuri Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy,
President, DCMS,
East Godavari Dist.

Ikkurthi Sambasiva Rao

President, DCMS, Guntur

Talluru Ramanaiah Naidu
President, PACS, Dagadarthi, Nellore Dist.


Ratnam Siva Vara Prasad,
President, PACS, Vuyyuru,
Krishna Dist.


Director  sw327
Special Commissioner for Cooperation & Registrar of Cooperative Societies 
 Samuel Ananad Kumar
I.Samuel Anad Kumar, IAS 
Special Commissioner of Agriculture Marketing
Dr. M.Hari Jawaharlal, IAS Special Commissioner of Agriculture
Sri Y.Madhusudhana Reddy, IFS
Managing Director, AP Markfed

Director/ Convener



Dr.A.V. Bhavani Shankar, Managing Director, APCOB





Markfed was established on 19th Sept 1957 with Head -Quarters at Vijayawada and on 30th Nov' 1965. The area of operations was extended to entire Andhra Pradesh with Head Quarters at Hyderabad.Initially the operations were confined only to supply of fertilizers to the member societies and sale of GC sheets and sugar to its members.

Following are the major landmarks in the history of markfed :

1.Rice Bran Oil :

Later Rice Bran Oil factory was established during the year 1972 at Vijayawada at a cost of Rs. 26/- lakhs for the manufacture of Rice Bran Oil with the capacity of 30 tonnes per day. The plant has been closed in 1996.


2. District Offices :

The Markfed has established 22 Branch offices in the districts headed by one District Manager with supporting staff to cater to the needs of its member societies.


3. Feed Mixing Plant:

Feed Mixing Plant at Nandyal was established during the year 1977 at the cost of Rs.7.75 lakhs with rated capacity of 450 quintals per day.The brand name of the cattle feed manufactured in this plant 'NANDI FEED' is very popular in the market for its quality.


4. Markfed Vanaspathi Complex :

TMarkfed vanaspathi complex was established during the year 1976 at Karimnagar at a cost of Rs.110.00 lakhs with the  capacity of 50 MT per day, The solvent extraction plant capacity was 50 MT per day and refinery unit capacity was 25 MT per day. The plant has been closed in 1997.


5. Cotton Ginning & Pressing Unit:
The plant was established in 1976. The capacity of ginning is 400 quintals per day and
capacity of pressing is 400 bales per day.






The total membership of the organisation at present is 1546. The break up of the membership is as follows:


Member Organisations

District Co-operative Marketing Societies
Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies
Andhra Pradesh Co-operative bank
Government of  Andhra Pradesh


District Co-operative Marketing Societies and Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies help in the supply of inputs to the farmers and marketing the commodities produced by the farmers.

The Andhra Pradesh Co-operative bank help in financing the activities of the District Co-operative Marketing Societies and Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies.



A.P.Markfed was established in the year 1957 as an apex organization in the Cooperative Sector to cater to the needs of the farming community through a net work of Cooperative Marketing Societies. It has a total membership of 22 District Cooperative Marketing Societies, 1522 Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies.

The following are the objectives of A.P.Markfed:

  • Supply of inputs like Fertilisers, Gypsum. Seeds etc
  • Undertaking price support operations
  • Acting as an agent to the Govt for procurement, supply and distribution of Agril. commodities and also Nodal agency for supply of inputs.
  • Warehousing
  • Undertaking commercial operations of agricultural produce
  • Agro-based industries as part of value addition
  • Supply of quality Consumer provisions


Distribution of  Agricultural Inputs
In view of the increased consumption of fertilizers and to reduce the gap between demand supply and  in order to save the farmers from the private market tendencies, the Government appointed A.P.Markfed as a nodal agency from the year of 2008-09 to supply the fertilizers right at the door steps of the farmers.  

Similarly during 2009-10, Govt. appointed A.P.Markfed as a nodal agency to supply fertilizers right at the door steps of the farmers and the A.P.Markfed has distributed 10,18,000 MTs of various fertilizers valued Rs. 706 crores to the farmers in the state. 

During 2010-11 also Govt have nominated AP Markfed as nodal agency for procurement and pre-position of fertilizers and Markfed has distributed 14,46,000 MTs of fertilizers valued Rs. 1050 Crores to the farmers in the State.

Zinc Sulphate
Markfed has also been supplying Zinc sulphate under subsidy scheme on the instructions of the Govt. as nodal agency in A.P. During 2008-09 Markfed has distributed  6,776.965 MTs of Zinc Sulphate valued Rs. 22.36 crs to the farmers under subsidy scheme.

The Commissioner & Director of Agriculture has allotted 10500 MTs of Zinc Sulphate for distribution during the current year i.e. 2009-10 under 50% subsidy scheme..   Markfed has positioned quantity of 9321 MTs and distributed around 7892 MTs. The distribution of balance quantity i.e.1428 MTs is under progress as on 31-12-2009.

Distribution of Seed

The Govt. appointed Markfed as agency for supply of processed seed through the Department of Agril. to enable the farmers to get quality seed. A.P.Markfed has taken it as a challenge and made all arrangements for procurement, processing and supply of seed for the benefit of the farming community

Ground Nut Seed

During Khariff 2008-09 under subsidy scheme, Markfed successfully distributed 1.45 lakh  Qtls  of ground nut seed valued Rs. 49.28 crores in Kurnool and Kadapa Districts.

During khariff 2009-10, a quantity of 2.05 lakh Qtls of G.N.Seed valued Rs. 69.13 crores was supplied under subsidy scheme in the districts of Kadapa and Ananthapur. 

The Agriculture Department also allotted 1.20 lakh Qtls of G.N.Seed during Rabi against this 54,795.40 Qtls was distributed as on 31-12-2009.

Soya Bean
During 2008 a qty of 28,375.20 qtls of Soya Bean valued at Rs. 9.56 crores has been distributed as seed in Adilabad, Nizamabad and Medak Districts.

Bengalgram seed:
During 2008-09, Markfed supplied 1,27,945.10 qtls of Bengalgram seed valued Rs. 42.34 crores under subsidy scheme in (8) districts.

The Agril. department allotted 2.08 lakh qtls of Bengal gram seed in Rabi for distribution in (8) districts.  Markfed so far supplied 1.86 lakh qtls in Anathapur, Kurnool, Mahabubnagar,Medak, Nizamabad, Ranga Reddy, Nellore and Ongole Districts as on 31-12-2009.


Price Support Operations – Maize

  • Procurement season for KMS 2010-11 commenced from 1-10-2010 onwards.
  • MSP of maize for KMS 2010-11 is increased to Rs 880/- per Qtl from Rs.840/- per Qtl during KMS 2009-2010.
  • Maize sown area during the Kharif 2010 in the state is 4.2 lakh hectares and expected production during Kharif 2010 is about 18.00 Lakh M.T.
  • Markfed has made all preparatory arrangements for maize procurement like identification of procurement centres, finalization of transport contracts and training to the personnel deployed to procurement centres, acquiring infer structure required to the procurement centres.
  • Markfed has opened procurement centres in 11 districts. Present market prices for FAQ maize are in the range of Rs.900-950 per Qtl, which are ruling above announced MSP for Kharif 2010-11 i.e Rs.880 per Qtl. Maize peak arrivals will commence from 15th November 2010 onwards. Markfed will procure FAQ maize if the prices fall below the MSP.


  • Marked has opened procurement centres in 8 districts for procurement of Green gram and Black gram.
  • This year the crops of Green gram &Black gram were damaged due to heavy rains. As a results arrivals to the procurement centres/AMC’s are of Non-FAQ. Hence Markfed has not procured these pulses.
  • Red gram arrivals are expected in the months of January & February 20111For 2010-11 the announced MSP for Red gram is Rs.3000/- per Qtl and an additional incentive of Rs.500 per quintal will be offered to the farmers for a period of 2 months during the harvesting period. Markfed will procure if the prices of FAQ Red gram fall below the MSP.


Markfed is having 72,000 Mts of  godown capacity of its own to cater to the needs of the farming community and others.  Considering the shortage of space for storage of food grains etc,   Markfed  is proposed to take up construction of new godowns of 32000 Mts capacity with National Coop. Development Corporation financial assistance different places in the State. 



Cattle Feed Mixing Plant, Nandyal:

This unit has established in the year 1977 and producing, supplying various cattle feed to the Govt. & Private agencies. This unit has modernized by installing pellatiser. During 2009-10 it was produces and sold 21581  MTs of feed valued Rs. 1775 lakhs and earned gross profit Rs.71.43 lakhs and net profit of Rs.31.41 lakhs.

During the current year it has produced 10298 MTs feed valued Rs.9.23 crores  as on 30.09.2010

Cattle Feed Mixing Plant, Karimnagar:

With the increased demand and popularity to the “NANDI” brand feed supplied by Markfed from its Feed Mixing Plant, Nandyal, another modern unit at Karimnagar is being established by A.P.Markfed at an estimated cost of Rs. 430 lakhs with a capacity of 5 MTs per hour.  The civil works are under completion and the machinery errection under progress.  The plant is expected to go for production in a couple of months.

Cotton Ginning and Pressing Unit, Adilabad:

This unit was established in the year 1976 with an investment of Rs.14.20 lakhs to cater to the needs of the Cotton growing farmers. Presently this unit is working on custom processing with Govt. agencies like CCI, TRIFED, NAFED and Private Agencies.

Financial performance during last (5) Years




Gross profit

Net profit







As per audit report















1305.08 7.73 4.83


5. 2012-13 1093.40 37.86 11.30 -do-